Thursday, July 20, 2017

Whenever we hear of the term 'banks' our brain would automatically register cash transactions, loan plans and deposit or withdrawals of cash. Everything is about money money money. However, as a financial institution, sometimes it is more than that! 

DBS has recently launched their "NAV Hub', Singapore's first financial planning centre by a bank that offers free advisory services. To put it simply, it functions somewhat like a consultation centre, rather than a typical bank in your neighbourhood. 

This hub was introduced, targetted at young adults like myself, to learn more about their current financial health status, and how they may utilise their liquid cash to achieve their dreams in life. For a starter, many of us would love to own our own car, followed by a nice shelter to call home, and ultimately forming a family. All these requires huge amount of expenses and we should definitely start young. Like NOW! 

Behind this grey facade is the road to securing the future that you always wanted (of course, with much self-discipline). The mechanism of this consultation is very simple and direct. Each consultation session takes up around an hour, and all you have to do is to book an appointment prior to your visit HERE

At the consultation, you can be assured that you will go through a hassle-free experience, where a crew member from NAV will guide you through your financial planning with a tablet. This tablet helps to record your spending habits, and profile yourself on your financial status based on your dreams as well as the loved ones whom you care about. 

This in turn, helps you to set a realistic goal that is achievable based on your individual lifestyle. 

As we all know, the years ahead of us is definitely a tough one with the recent ongoing recession and economic downturn. It is not doubt that, as cliche as it may sounds, we should start saving young. We all have dreams, but I am sure you would not want them to maintain as 'dreams' at the end of your life yea?

So, you may pay a visit to DBS' NAV Hub and learn more! Well, it is FREE, so why not?! Haha. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Hello homies! How was summer for you guys (and girls) so far?

Today I would be introducing to you guys my Top 3 Scents Picks for this Summer! These are just my personal recommendations as I use them personally (not sponsored also) throughout the year. But, I felt that they would be suitable, especially for Summer. Let's go!

1. Versace Eros

I love this scent a lot (I am gonna repeat this throughout the whole post haha), as it is very long-lasting. Usually at the end of the day, the scent would still linger around my body. Just a fun fact, as we know Versace's iconic symbol is the Medusa, this perfume was names after Greek God of Love and Son of Goddess Aphrodite - Eros

It is strong-scented, yet not overwhelming. I would described the scent to be fresh, with a tint of woodiness, and a light touch of oriental. To be more technical about it, The fragrance includes mint oil combined with green apple and Italian lemon. 

2. L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme Issey Miyake

If you are looking for a fragrance that is long-lasting and not too expensive, this would be my recommendation! It smells very aquatic and fruity with the first spray, seemingly telling you that it would not last you through the day. 

However, I always feel that it intensifies after the heat emits from your body. At the end of the day, you exude a woody and musky aroma, that would 'survive' even after exiting from a hardcore clubbing session.

3. Lady Gaga's FAME

Yup, this perfume was Lady Gaga's first fragrance line back in 2012. Of course, this scent is targetted at the females because of its fruity and sweet scent. I was drawn by it because of the packaging, black liquid fragrance with a golden claw cap. The black fragrance evaporates and become colourless upon contact with your skin, SO COOL. 

Despite it being a female fragrance, I am totally in love with it! I don't feel ashamed wearing it, in fact, I received a lot of compliments for it. 

Totally in theme with summer! Try it out if you are looking for something sweet and fruity, AND LONG-LASTING! 

Now, what are some of the fragrances that you guys use and would recommend for this Summer? Share with us!

Friday, June 9, 2017

People has always been fighting for human rights or equality for what they termed as. Religions rifts have also been stirring up a storm throughout the world, with people blaming the Muslims for the cold and brutal acts of ISIS. Truth is, ISIS has no relation with the teachings of being a Muslim. And, for a tiny red dot like Singapore, we have our own fair share of 'racism' too. It seems to be a very sensitive topic nowadays, with races picking on one another and pointing fingers at each other while throwing accusations of one being inconsiderate and disrespectful to the culture of another religion. 

Every June, people around the world (actually just a fraction of it) celebrate LGBT Pride Month. Countries like the States will have pride parades, and everything will be showered in rainbow. Many people has this misconception that Pride Month is all about being flamboyant (ok, to certain extent) and to "transform" and "mislead" the younger generations into the rainbow culture. 

Nope, it is very ignorant of you to think so. It is more of a celebration for our LGBT community to reflect and celebrate how far they have come today, fighting for their own rights admits the chaos such as the Orlando mass shooting. 

Let me introduce to you one infamous FB group that exists in Singapore: We are against Pinkdot in Singapore

If you are searching for some good laughs, maybe you may head over to the page and realise how ignorant some Singaporeans are. Long story short, there is group member that post a photo of a rainbow cake in a cafe, with the caption: 

"Went to another of those "young punk" cafes that are sprouting all over our island, and again saw all these so-called "rainbow cakes".

I always protest to my ignorant young cousins, these are not rainbow cakes. Rainbow has 7 colours.

These are gay cakes. Nothing wrong with a gay cake, sure, but please call a spade a spade.

Stop covering up gay agenda. Now."

Wow, so now you guys have to portray a aesthetically beautiful cake to be some form of hidden gay agenda? You suffering from brain damage, bro? Do you know what you should tell your "ignorant" young cousins? You should tell them to be prepared to grow up in a world filled with hatred and pettiness because it would be occupied by people like yourself!

Are you even setting a good example for the younger generation? Just because a 'rainbow' cake has no 7 colors, but 6, it is considered a hidden gay agenda? A local dessert call Ice Kachang has bright-colorer syrup content, is it considered hidden gay agenda? Care Bears has a whole spectrum of colors, so are they propounding gay culture through those cute little bears? If so, you sure gotta boycott a lot of things in your life man. 

Next, we have this Mr Chiew Boon Leong, who decided to give the whole group a comprehensive speech, covering 10 points, of why people should stop Pink Dot and the whole LGBT culture in Singapore from progressing. Let's take a look:

1. are protesting the movement because for the fact that more people will be in the same queue as 'your' people? You do know that by the age of 35, everyone will be in the queue, right? If you are not willing to queue up for it, maybe you can do better in your career and get a private property instead?

2. When has this LGBT movement fighting for their own rights got to do with longer queue for the ladies? The handicapped toilet is strictly for the handicapped as well, but a lot of 'your' people are using it and for all we know, you are guilty as well. But it applies for you since you are equipped with a handicapped brain that forbids you from making logical arguments. 

3. Dude, 'your' people has HIV cases too. In Africa, HIV and Aids is a major medical concern, with some 35 million being infected with it. Are you ostracising people with HIV and Aids now? 

4. You are concerned about your daughter winning some sports medal over human rights? Wow. 

5. I believe nobody has ever ask for a Pride Parade in Singapore, but merely begging for some respect and basic human equality rights from you ignorant bigots. 

6. ALL religions are equal and has the same fundamental teachings: Be kind to one another. Is that what you are doing right now? You and tour group are causing unnecessary tensions amongst Singaporeans. Good luck in bringing up some female athlete kids of yours. 

7. What has this movement got to do with sexual confusion? Are you going to be forced to undergo some sex changing procedure? AND the same itself suggests that if you were to perform a sex change operation, you are CHANGING your gender, which means the label of male and female still holds. 

8. WTF?

9. You visited one before and am worried that with the need for them to pay taxes, you are required to pay them more for their services? Bad boy you, cheating on your wife and your sporty athlete daughter(s). Tsk tsk. 

10. Oh, now you are in full support of Women's Charter. Do you even know anything about it in the first place? Are you active in fighting for women's rights prior to this? Stop trying to sound so self-righteous. 

There are tons of such examples out there in the group for you to explore and read. Some of them really got you thinking if any of their many years of education help shaped them into a better person. Or, they are just some bitter gourds roaming the land of Singapore, as some colleagues of theirs that belong to the LGBT community are doing way better than them in their lives. Just, maybe, you know. 

I am here writing this blogpost, not to nitpick on them, but to further assist them in boycotting some other larger companies that have established their brands here in Singapore. Through this, they will be able to stop patronising these companies that are in full support for the Pride Movement. Here we go!

1. My all-time favourite: STARBUCKS

You may kiss your coffee fix goodbye, and patronise maybe coffee bean or Ya Kun? Starbucks has not only made it very clear that it supports LGBTQ equality, but the company has also made it clear that its support of the LGBTQ community is more important than profits. 

2. Ben & Jerry's

Oh man! Now your children has to be deprived of the yummylicious ice-cream from Ben & Jerry's as a form of reward after running for their lives in a 100m race during sports day. Gosh, you all have lots of explanation to do. 

3. Apple

Now, I am getting worried for you guys... How are you going to call your family members or your business associates if you are currently using an iPhone? Are you going to start throwing away your MacBooks at home? It'll be worst if you are working as a designer, in a design firm, that strictly (more than often not) uses Apple Products for their services. 

Hmm...gonna start typing your resignation letter, with the reason "I am quitting as I am against Apple products due to the simplest reason that they support the Pride Movement. Also, I cannot bear staring at the rainbow discus spinning right in my face whenever my computer hangs." 

4. Instagram

Earlier this year, Instagram has made their clear stand for supporting the Pride Movement by launching its first LGBTQ channel, which lived right at the top of the app’s Explore page. 

Quick! Delete Instagram and refrain your kids, relatives, friends, and clients from using it!!! 

5. Google

My, oh my. I wonder how are you guys going to live in today's world if you are going to boycott Google as well for supporting the Pride Movement. How are you even going to reach your FB group page if you cannot even launch the Internet without the Google page flashing in front of you? How are you going to search for other scandalous topics to talk about without Google? How are you going to function at work if you cannot conduct research on your clients through Google? 

Back to Stone Age yo!

6. Facebook

Your issues just continue to snowball like nobody's business when you realise that Mark Zuckerberg officially declare his support for LGBT Pride Month. Now, why is your FB group still existing with such active vigour when you should be boycotting FB now! 

Do kindly close down your page and get out of the wonderful world of FB, founded by this guy with not-so-great fashion, but a man with a heart of gold for the LGBT community. 

7. Converse and Nike

Life just gets tougher if you cannot even wear a pair of shoes from your beloved sports brand, Nike. Kiss those gorgeous flyknits and Roshe goodbye because they are being gracious and wonderful through supporting the LGBT Pride Month with a series of footwear! 

Not to forget that, after buying over Converse slightly more than a decade ago, they are launching a specific Pride Series for Converse as well. Come, start asking Maria to clear your shoe racks, and poor children of you people who are deprived of the classic sneakers. 


If you are residing in Singapore, and expressing tons of hate for Pink Dot of the LGBT Movement, let me help you highlight some of the other 104 brands that you have to start avoiding starting TODAY! Click on this link for more information (thanks to the official Pink Dot page): CLICK HERE

All I want to say is, why do people have to spread so much hate for their fellow Singaporeans? As long as the actions displayed are not illegal or in violation of any rules, why do you have to meddle with other people's life? To be honest, if it is something that the government is unable to condone, do you think Pink Dot will happen? 

This year, a barricade will be built to "contain" the event and only Singaporeans and PRs are allowed to join in. What else are you guys asking for? Are you all really looking at driving the LGBT Community out of Singapore, or do you want them to be driven up the wall due to societal stress? What is it that you want to achieve through all these?

Do you guys even remember the pledge that we used to recite everyday? 

"We, the citizens of Singapore, pledge ourselves as one united people, regardless of race, language or religion, to build a democratic society, based on justice and equality, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation."

One United People? To build a democratic society? Based on justice and EQUALITY? So as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation? Do any of your actions reflect any of these values? I used to find reciting the Singapore pledge a hassle and unnecessary as it is meaningless. Not until today. 

These 38 words, mean a lot more than just a pledge. These 38 words, make us Singaporeans. These 38 words, hold us together as one nation, one Singapore. 

Now, I am asking you guys to cast aside your pride and ignorance, and start opening up to accept those people around you. Only then, would these 38 words truly be brought to life, bringing happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation. 

Start loving for your nation's people. 


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

This is going to come off as a surprise, but yes, I am blogging about fashion now. I wouldn't regards myself as a fashionable individual, and definitely not one that you should look up to when it comes to dressing up. But, what I may provide is content that my followers may most probably relate to. A sort of 'fashion' that does not burn a hole in your pocket, and can be worn for day-to-day purposes or schedules. 

It is the summer season now (and if I get the season wrong, you can just label me as a fashion-idiot or an idiot in general lol), and most people would choose to be cloak in simple and lightweight apparels to combat the intense heat. Then again, it is ALWAYS summer in Singapore, so what's the difference right? Haha.. 


I am a person that perspires very easily, thus shorts is always the go-to option for me. Not only is it comfortable in this humid weather, but it can be quite fashionable too when paired with the correct item. For me, this summer is all about patterns and I recently tailored a few shirts in Bangkok. I ordered one in batik print, and I LOVE it so so much!

You can see from the above photo! It has subtle floral-looking prints all over it and it exudes the vintage-feel. All you need to do is to pair it with a pair of khaki shorts/berms, and a pair of white sneakers and you are good to go! 

Shirt: Tailored in Bangkok
Shorts: Bangkok Platinum Mall
Sneakers: Converse

You can also play around with different ensembles with shorts, just experiment and find one that suits your style! For me, with black shorts, I would put on a checkered short-sleeved shirt (preferably in lighter shade for contrast purposes) and throw on a lightweight bomber jacket.

With just these 3 simple pieces, you would look fashionably-comfortable! Haha.

Shorts: Bangkok Platinum Mall
Short-sleeved checkered shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch
Bomber jacket: Hotwind at 313@Somerset
Sneakers: Nike


If you find it a hassle for layering, yet you want to be in a formal-casual wear, you may choose to throw on a sweater. I know, you must be thinking, "Sweater in summer?! This is ridiculous!" Sort of I guess, but there are some sweaters that are made of relatively thin materials! So, you may definitely choose to adopt those instead. 

And for this summer, I would recommend camouflage print pullovers/sweaters. A lot of you must be thinking that this print is so outdated, but you can't be more wrong! in fact, camouflage print is one of the ITStyle to have in your wardrobe this summer (still going strong yea?). Brands like Dsquared2Givenchy and Valentino are still rocking this style! Throw on a pair of sunglasses and you'll be summer-ready.

Simple and easy style!

Camouflage sweater: Random stall from JB
Shorts: Bangkok Platinum Mall
Sunglasses: Ray Bans


When we talk about summer, we can never neglect the dominance of floral prints. They are back for more actions. I am glad that more brands, such as Zara, are putting out more guys' clothes with bold yet masculine floral print apparels! This goes to show how much more accepting guys are towards floral prints, which in conventional mindset is deemed as girly and feminine. 

For me, I personally love the collection from Zara Men because their tees are so comfortable and the fabric used is thin, therefor you won't perspire easily. And even so, you won't stink badly, like you would if you are wearing 100% cotton top. 


For this look you may once again, pair it with shorts or you may wear a pair of light wash jogger jeans. To finish your look throw on a bomber jacket and a pair of high-cut white sneakers.

Black floral top: ZARA Men
Bomber Jacket: Hotwin at 313@Somerset
Light Wash Jogger Jeans: Cotton On
High Cut White Sneakers: Onitsuka Tiger


It is definitely a challenge to be wearing long pants and experimenting with layerings in hot summer season. That being said, it is not entirely impossible to do so. For my next suggested outfit, I would be toying with the idea of layerings, yet not too overbearing for you. 

Neutrals is something that you can wear for both summer and spring, not necessarily a need for you to be decked in bright colours that scream summer all the time haha. At least that is MY philosophy when it comes to 'fashion'. 

I love my bomber jackets, and has been wearing them a lot recently, with different combinations. I am still at my experimenting stage, but could only say that I am more than satisfied with the results! For guys with slightly more tan skin, you would want to play more with naturals as it blends well with your skin tone color, and further helps to highlight your physique and features. 

I am not very tall, but in order to create the illusion of being so, you may wear a pair of ankle-cropped pants. I love this style and you may wear a pair of long-socks, with loud and bright prints/colors, to add a splash of excitement to your outfit. Alternatively, you may choose to do the same as me by wearing neutral tone looked socks haha 

Bomber Jacket: Runway Fashion (Browny Vintage)
Shirt: Runway Fashion (Browny Vintage)
Ankle Cropped Pants (Dark Navy): ZARA Men
White Sneakers: Nike


I am quite excited about this segment: PASTELS!!!!!!!!

Cannot emphasise more on how important and essential it is for you guys to stock up on some pastels in your wardrobe this summer! Pastels has recently garnered a lot of attention, especially for the year 2017, and I must say that I am totally digging it. 

It feels so dreamy and pleasing to the eyes. I love it so so much, and can't wait to find more apparels in pastel. For the ladies, it sure is easy to find pastel apparels but not so much for guys. I am in love with pastel pink for months, and has been on the search for the correct shade of pastel pink. For UNIQLO or TOPMAN, they do have pink apparels for guys, but the shade is always not the ideal on for me. 

Thank god, for C.O.S! However, it is definitely much more pricier to purchase from C.O.S but it is worth the money. I own the same top in light blue, and it feels so comfortable like a baby's blanket, really! I strongly recommend this item for you guys to try on for your FIRST pastel pink shirt. 

Pastel Pink Shirt: C.O.S.

Back to where we were just now: Layering.

For pastel clothing, it is always harder to experiment with other colors and style, at least for me. White is always the easy way out, but I want to push the limits slightly further (in my own personal sense). Thus, I have tried it on with a light wash denim jacket and light grey long pants. Of course, always top the look with a pair of sunglasses and white sneakers haha.


Sunglasses: Ray Bans
Denim Jacket: Uniqlo
Pastel Pink Shirt: C.O.S.
Light Grey Long Pants: ZARA Men
White Sneakers: Nike

Pastel has a wide spectrum of colors on its palettes, and blue would be a choice that you won't regret. For me, I came across this lovely sweater that has a gradient of blue from pastel baby blue to dark navy blue!

Love it so much and it feels so cooling, and summerish. Since the bottom of the sweater is dark navy blue, I would strongly recommend wearing something light for your bottom. For me, I chose the light wash Uniqlo skinny jeans to pair with it. 

Blue Sweater: Old Navy

7. Chic Casual

For a more casual and easy-going look, you may just throw on a shirt, and skinny jeans, with a pair of sneakers again. Simple and easy, definitely at the top of my list because it is so convenient and fuss-free, yet does not compromise on your style. 

Dark Navy Blue Top: JRunway
Light Wash Denim Jeans: Cotton On
White Sneakers: Nike


This concludes my FIRST EVER fashion post for you guys and if you love to see more of this, I would be more than happy to produce more of such content! You can just leave a comment here, or on my Instagram. Your feedback always mean so so much to me!

On top of that, for my upcoming post, I would be introducing to you some of my perfume recommendations for this summer! Remember guys, do not always follow trends because what looks good on others might not be so on your body frame. Find something that suits your physique and experiment with different styles! I am also in the midst of doing so, and I would love to see where it will bring me :)

Recommend some of your styles with me too. Looking forward to it and love you guys!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hello my lovelies, welcome back to my blog and I am really humbled if anyone of you are still reading my blog till today. A not-so-interesting-yet-sometimes-relatable blog. 

Previously, I updated a post on boy's insecurities of our own looks and it has received numerous compliments by readers who dropped me personal messages on Instagram. It sort of inspired me to continue writing about stuff that are close to my heart, and hopefully it touches some soul out there 

Today, I am going to bare my soul to you guys, and have a talk about something that has always bothered me. Ironically, the issue is Myself. 


At certain point in your life, this question will pop up in your mind, "Who am I?" and this is what I termed as identity crisis - my friends call me crazy for thinking so. 

Especially at my age as a young adult, this pops up in my mind more frequently. You question yourself of your existence, of what you do, what you want to do, and who you want to be in the near future. And, that is totally normal as we are young adults trying to figure out our life. 

For me, I guess my mind decided to take things to another level, and I asked myself "Who am I to other people? My family. My friends. My colleagues. Or, even strangers on the road." 

This emotion builds up when I felt that I am at a disadvantaged position. Let me put things into context for your better understanding. 

All of us do have a handful or particular selected few friends in our life whom we deem as BFF, best friends, soul mate or whatever labels you want to put on them, you get the point. I do have my fair share as well. If you know me personally, or has been following me long enough, you would have realised by now that I am a person that would rather spend on others and treat them better than I would to myself. 

Not trying to boast or promote myself as a saint, but if I strike 4D or TOTO and win few million dollars, I would definitely splurge on my close friends and family, but would feel the pinch if I were to spend it on myself. You get it, right? 

Moving on. 

There are times, when I start to question my worth to these friends "Who and what am I to them?" Disclaimer: I am not asking for anything in return but would appreciate some gesture or sign of appreciation. 

Taking one of my experiences as an example: I have this friend, A, who has issues after issues piling up in his life. Me, being a friend, I will always try to take time out to visit him and talk to him in order to make sure that everything is in order for him. Let me just put it this way, this friend is rather emotionally unstable (like me, birds of the same feathers flock together right?) and I do not want things to end up in a regrettable manner, and blame myself in the future for not taking time out for him etc. This means, I always will stop what I am doing and attend to his needs when required.

Of course, everyone has their rights to make new friends, and I am not some crazy ass bitch that got "NO! YOU CAN ONLY HAVE ME AS A FRIEND!" (Trust me, this happens because I used to have 2 female friends who are damn famous now, and the reason why we split up? They do not like to share friends *roll eyes*). So, I was happy that he was making some new friends and taking his mind off the issues on his hands. 

Now, this group of newly acquainted friends are party-goers. As the name suggests, they always party and the funny thing is that they happen to be mutual friends of mine. Now you must be thinking "Isn't that great? You guys can hang out together!"

Nope. Not the case at all. 

Neither party invited me to any of their outings. Not once. 

I will get back to this again later in the post. Back to my friend A for a while. In order to maintain any form of relationship with anyone, we always have to put in effort. The simplest form of doing so, is to meet up for a dinner or just tea for the matter of fact. Here is how it does:

Me: Hey! Wanna meet up next week for dinner or not? Miss you leh!
A: Sure! Let me get back to you on a date :)
Me: Ok! Hehe. 

*One week later and still no news*

Me: Are we still meeting for dinner tomorrow? Haha. 
A: Oh, so sorry! This week I a bit busy with work and school eh.. think cannot meet
Me: Oh, ok lo. Then no worries, go get busy ba. Jiayou!
A: Thank you bestie :)

Everything seems normal up till this point yea? Just a friend asking another out for dinner, then one party cannot make it and we decided to postpone till the busy friend has more time. True, until I started browsing my Instastory feed. Guess what? Our dear friend A is out having dinner with some other friends of his, and then nex thing we know, he is in the club with this bunch of mutual friends. 

It sounds very petty of me, I know that. But it isn't really the case because it just dawned on me that maybe this is the type of friends we refer to as Fun Time friends since it did not happen once or twice, but on numerous accounts. And in any case, these people are receivers and not givers, and they are at the very other end of the spectrum when it comes to feelings sensitivity.  


I had a long 2 hours conversation with a friend of mine with regards to this. We came to the conclusion that both him and myself are VERY sensitive human beings. That actually means that our emotions are easily swayed by the actions of others. So, if one end of the spectrum belongs to those that are very sensitive, like myself, the other end would be a place call home to those who are nonchalant about stuffs and feelings of others. 

I think that it is very hard for any individual to achieve an in-between because that is just not so possible. Nothing is fair in this world, right? Haha. 

The Very Sensitive Ones

If you are as sensitive as me, I wouldn't say that we are useless or weak, but we do require more care and attention to ourselves. Do note that, being sensitive to others' feelings and actions is not a sign of weakness. In fact, it could be translated into a sign of strength, a unique trait that leaders should have in order to emphasise with others. 

The downside of being so, is that you do tend to be taken advantage by others easily. Also, you appear to be very clingy and desperate, because you appear to overthink to others. But, in actual fact, it is just who you are. 

Personally, I always have problems trying to cope with my emotions, especially when I am upset. I begin to feel that I do not deserve friends, and then another part of my mind tells me that I should not have any friends and hate everyone else because in this world, we should ONLY love ourselves. 

Sounds like a crazy person to you? Sort of actually. 

At times, I will blame myself entirely for what happens. Also, in the case with friend A. 

Now let me tell you, do not every blame yourself. It is not wrong for us to feel upset with friends and events that do not go our way. For us, what happens is that our feelings tend to get amplified in comparison to others, be it happiness or sadness, we feel more than others. This is not something that we can change because it sort of came as a package when we popped out of our mothers' vaginas. 

But, what we are able to control is how much we feel and how we look at things. To me, I realised the point that some friends are not meant to be kept by your side. You just have to realise an accept the fact that some people are meant to be just fun-time friends, and they will NOT be there for you when you need them. That's all there is to it. 

Four words: Not Meant To Be. 

Remember to protect yourself because YOU are unique individual and should not be defined by others. Do not let them belittle you. If they do not appreciate your existence and your care, so be it, because someone else in your life will. 

The Nonchalant & Bochap Ones

To my readers and friends who are the bochap category ones, I do not hate you, nor do I blame you for being who you are. In simpler terms, you just don't feel what we feel and it is not your fault too. 

What I do ask of you, is to be more sensitive of those around you, especially when you do realise that your friend(s) are the sensitive ones. Do not take things lightly and just pass them off as being too sensitive and always overthink small issues. The thing is that you never know when the sensitives would do crazy things and take their own life or hurt themselves in any ways. 

If you have watched 13 Reasons Why, you would have understood. True enough, Hannah is responsible for her own feelings and those around her, and not commit suicide as a form of escape. What you do not understand is that, for the vulnerable like Hannah, it is hard as feelings are amplified just like that. They did not choose to feel more than you do, it just happened. And trust me, there are many times I felt helpless and unable to cope it and what's worst is that there is no avenue for me to release the emotions penned up in me. 

Thus, show more care and concern. An action that might seem meaningless to you might have great impact on the feelings of your friends. 


I think the problem with the younger generation today is that, not only do they face issues at school or with their friends, they are also affected by online influences as I mentioned previously. And it does not help that they have nobody to talk to because sometimes people regard their insecurities and issues as nothing more than puberty woes. 

I do urge you guys to show more care to your friends around you! For those who have issues and are unable to cope with them, you may drop me a DM on Instagram and I will be more than glad to advise you based on my personal experiences or just be a good listening ear. I received very good response from the previous post on insecurities and I hope that this post would do the same to you guys :) 

Cheers and let's make the world a cheerful and better one! 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Flower arrangement as an activity has always been female-dominated. As a matter of fact, the industry itself is so. Korean dramas may portray a suave and sweet-looking guy as a florist, with many girls swooning over him. In reality? If a guy is a florist, he would most probably be judged. 

That being said, I always have a strong interest for flowers, and how magical they can be, especially so on special occasions such as a wedding. I recently attended a flower arrangement class organised by Floratorie.Co, which is based in both Malaysia and Singapore, and this is their debut class here!

Of course, I attended the beginner's class to find out the mystery behind the art of flower arrangement. We were provided with few selections of flowers such as roses, wax flower (that looks like baby's breath), eucalyptus leaves etc. I was thrilled and can't wait for the lesson to get going. But, must maintain right in public? Haha. 

That's the us after we took turns to handpick the bundle of flowers for our bouquet. In flower arrangement, like any other form of arts, there is no right or wrong. You can pick as many stalks of flowers you want, or as little if you wish, there is nothing wrong with it. But, do bear with mind that sometimes less is more, and you must be clear of how you want your final product to turn out to be like 

This is the bundle of lowers that I've picked out for my creation

Flower arrangement is not as simple as I thought it would be. In fact, it actually involves a lot of attention to be paid to details. At the end of the day, you would really want your end-product to be well loved by many and appreciated, yea? Thus, you gotta constantly ask yourself in the process "Will you be willing to pay for this?" If the answer if yes, then continue to build on what you are doing. If not, just start all over again and make it better! 

What I have learnt from this is, every single time you prepare the arrangement, the results is always different from the previous attempt. 

Different types of flowers have different usage as well. Some would be the main actors and actresses of the whole show - aka the bouquet of flowers - and some others will play the supporting role of enhancing the whole aesthetic. 

Towards the end of the workshop, we learnt how to keep the flowers "hydrated" and how to wrap them up nicely. Of course, we were only imparted the basic skills of wrapping the flowers, but that is good enough for me at this point of time. To be honest, I was really ecstatic to see my final creation! 

Tadah! This was my end product and I really really LOVE IT A LOT! I am not saying it just because it was mine, but I really do see it as something that I would be willing to pay for if I come across it in a shop. 

Would you pay for this bouquet of flowers that I arranged? 

I really can see myself doing this more often in the future, and I cannot wait for the advanced class to commence. In fact, I would love to attend a class on floral boxes arrangements and design class, as I have been seeing friends doing in and posting their creation on Instastory. 

Do keep a look out for Floratorie.Co on their social media platforms as they would be positing regular updates of their dreamy and captivating creations:


I look forward to seeing you guys at the next event! Cheers :)